Used Mobile Homes


Used mobile homes (whether de-registered or not) may only be offered for sale in the Province of British Columbia without re-inspection provided that they bear an approval (CSA) mark and that the wiring has not been altered. Additional wiring done under permit does not invalidate the original label.

When the electrical wiring has been altered without a permit, the mobile home must be inspected and a new approval label applied. In order to obtain a new approval label 'Silver Sticker' the following steps must be taken: 

  • A licensed electrical contractor must:

    • Obtain an installation permit;

    • Complete FRM-1143 Used Mobile Home Inspection Report form. Submit this form

      if requested by a Safety Officer;

    • Check any additional wiring added without permit, and check any structural

      additions added to the manufactured home for additional wiring. These additional

      checks are to be noted on the declaration form;

    • Complete any repairs required and note on the declaration form;

    • Submit an FRM-0206 Electrical Contractor Authorization and Declaration Form

      confirming that the installation complies with this directive, and add any notes

      required by this directive; and

  • Upon acceptance, the BC Safety Authority label (Silver Sticker) will be applied to the electrical panel


    The above is a part of the BC Safety Authority directive No:E3 080606 1 the full directive can be read by following the link